About our U07 / U08 Program

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U07 & U08
Pre-Travel Academy for Boys and Girls! 

Buckingham United’s popular Academy training is for IM players on U07 and U08 teams. We have now incorporated this great program into the CBAA Soccer program.
Our Academy training takes a developmental approach by maximizing each player's time on the ball.  Doing this, players can accelerate both their technical skills and tactical understanding of the game.
Buckingham United has created a curriculum that will challenge players in a fun environment.

Highlights of the Program:

  • The Academy is a non-results oriented style of training that promotes development. The purpose is to shield kids from the' win at all cost' mentality that plagues youth sports today, and put the focus back on the enjoyment and growth aspects.
  • The Academy provides professional training by Buckingham United's DOC and Inhouse tecnical trainers. 
  • It is a Pre-travel style program that gives the IM/Recreational player a taste of travel soccer without the added cost and commitment.
  • In the Fall and Spring seasons, the Academy enter teams into festivals that give players a chance to represent not only our Academy but also the future of Buckingham United!  Festivals are optional.

We look forward to seeing you out on the field! Should you have any questions please contact BUSC at

This popular program was created to offer the young aspiring Travel Players an option for additional options.  The Academy has weekly training as well as games festivals with local clubs in the area.  The training sessions are designed to be developmental and fun, and we will be encouraging them to be as creative as possible, and play the most attractive, fun soccer that they can.

Questions?  Contact us!