IM Team Formation Policy

UpdatedSunday February 24, 2019 bySoccer.

Intramural Team Formation Policy

Please take a moment to review our new team formations policy. The objective is to retain the friendship and community element of the program while also trying to minimize highly uneven teams. We have taken into consideration a great deal of feedback on this important issue after the fall season.  The intent is to implement some minor adjustments to address the uneven teams issue in a positive manner.  We thank you for your continued support in our program and helping us make this a great place to play!


Teams will be formed based on various factors that include but not limited to:

  • Player Evaluation (U10 – U18)
  • Number of seasons played/experience
  • Player Draft for Age groups U12-U18
  • School attending
  • Coach Request  
  • Friend Request  


Parents may stipulate which nights are optimal for practice for thier player.  

  • Please note this does not apply to U05 & U06 who do not have regular midweek practices.
  • The practice night in some age groups may be fixed for multi team (/Academy Style training and player development purposes.

On a request basis, Head coaches can be assigned up to two of their child's friends on his / her team as a 'thank-you'' for volunteering to coach. (This includes, the Asst. coach). 
Parents may request a friend to be on the same team, however, the request must be mutual. If you are requesting a friend on your child’s team, the other parent must already be aware and will need to make the same request.

If a parent requests a specific Head coach for their child, every effort will be made to honor that request. However there is no guarantee that the child will be assigned to that coach.

This policy simply gives our program some flexibility in trying to meet the challenge of forming teams that are somewhat equally balanced for the benefit of all of our players.


  • All coaches as well as volunteers must complete an annual online EPYSA Risk Management Assessment / Background Check.
  • All Coaches are required to complete the annual concussion training program.
  • All Coaches attend the Positive Coaching Educational Workshop.
  • All Coaches attend the Coaches Clinic that is run by our DOC.
  • All Coaches attend Coaches meetings.


CBAA is proud to partner and embraces the Positive Coaching Education within all of our Youth Sports Programs!  We look forward to providing free workshops for all of our parents to attend in the pre-season.


The CBAA Soccer program is dedicated to the task of promoting and enhancing the culture of soccer for the youth and families in the Central Bucks area.  The CBAA Soccer program will strive to develop players at all ages and levels of play: recreational; travel; and premier.  We are dedicated to developing players and coaches to the highest level through a quality instructional program.

CBAA soccer program will cultivate each player’s mind, body and spirit by:

  • building, developing, and improving their skills and fitness levels.
  • instilling confidence, initiative, emotional growth
  • embracing and nurturing a sense of community and teamwork advocating high standards of sportsmanship and fair play.