MIC 2018 Check In Procedures

Deadline April 27th

Updated Friday April 27, 2018 by MIC.

Please scroll down for instructions and required forms.

2018 Team Check-in Requirements

We are excited to have you participate in the Bimbo B-Active March into Cups, a Buckingham United tournament!  Now that you have been accepted, you can register on line through and upload your documents, and then you will be ready for game day! 

All teams are required to check-in online as there will be no onsite registration.

Please check in and upload the required documents,no later than Friday, April 27th. 

Once you have uploaded all required documents and they have been verified, you will receive a confirmation email.

Required Documents for Registration:

•Official State Approved Team Roster  (stamped copy) 

•Player Passes with photograph for all rostered and guest players, coaches, and managers (ONLY the front side that shows picture and Date of Birth must be copied)  

•Team Information Sheet completed and signed – please scroll down below to view/print/download

•Guest Player Form (only if using guest players) (maximum 5 guest players) Completed and signed by coach – please scroll down below to view/print/download

•Proof of Age (only if using guest players), ie. player pass or birth certificate, for each guest player

•Medical Release Form signed and dated by a parent, or legal guardian for each player and guest player (This does not need to be uploaded, however please make sure the coaches have on hand at the tournament).

ONLINE CHECK-IN INSTRUCTIONS: (We will only have online check-in. There will be no onsite registration.)

1. Go to your GOTSoccer Team Page.

2. Click on “Bimbo B-Active March into Cups Tournament” under ‘Event Registration History’.

3. Click on the ‘Documents’ tab on the right.

4. Upload the documents listed.

Thank you for participating in the tournament – if you have any questions, please let me know!

Lisa Fuhrmeister

MIC 2018 Guest Player Approval Form.pdf
MIC 2018 Team Information Sheet.pdf