Mentoring Program - Junior Coaches

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Mentoring Program - Junior Coaches

Central Bucks Athletic Association and Buckingham United Soccer Club are pleased to present our Youth Mentoring Program. This program is available for BUSC and CBAA IM players that would like to give back to CBAA by working with the youngest players in the organization. Players that participate in this program will be required to fill out an online application for the program, and once accepted, will be required to meet a set of clearly defined objectives to graduate from the program. See below for more details on the program, and to see who is eligible:



Who is Eligible?

Any player that is entering into their U15 season at the youngest. [minimum 14 years of age, 8th grade]

Must be registered as a CBAA or BUSC player, and be in good standing with CBAA.


What is the duration of the program?

The program is over one year, comprised of three seasons - Fall, Winter and Spring.


Who will they be working with?

CBAA Intramural teams U05-U12, BUSC teams U05 through U12, TOPSoccer Program.


In general, players will be expected to help parent volunteers with the demonstration of technique, inspiration and education of CBAA's younger player and serving as a positive role model, and helping to provide an overall positive experience for the younger CBAA players. 


Please note that we are limiting our number of candidates as we kick off this initiative.


What is the time commitment? Approximately 50-60 hours  


-Orientation (2 hours)

-Attend one coaches clinic and one coaches meeting

-Attend Pre-season IM Referee Clinic (3 hours)

-12 hours on-field in the Fall with professional coach and a BUSC/CBAA team

-Includes at least 2 game (90 min. each Travel/BUSC and CBAA IM)

-6 hours on-field in the Winter with professional coach and a BUSC/CBAA team

-5 hours as a Buddy in our TOPSoccer program

-Attend at least 1 CBAA Soccer Committee Meeting (2 hours)

-Attend one Sports Psychology Seminar - Changing the Game Project

-Complete the Online Concussion Awareness Course (40 minute online)

-Volunteering at the BUSC March into Cups (1 day/5 hours)

-Volunteering at season kick off activities and festivals

-12 hours on-field in the Spring with professional coach with a BUSC/CBAA team. 

-Includes at least 2 games (90 min. each Travel/BUSC and CBAA IM)



Grade 8 referee certification (18 hour course)

You may choose to just audit the Ref course here at CBAA ( or register as a student, Cost is $110 if you'd like to be certified)

Would be eligible to work as a paid referee, once certified (completion of course) 


What do the volunteers receive?

  • An invaluable experience giving back to the club, and working with young players
  • Mentoring from a professional coach, as well as the parent coach of the team.
  • Volunteers learn responsibility, organization, and how to work with and teach kids.
  • A certificate, recognizing their participation and completion of a community sanctioned program.
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