Refund Policy - Soccer Programs

UpdatedTuesday November 24, 2020 bySoccer.

Buckingham United Soccer Travel

Players that have accepted a roster position on a team and have shown a commitment to BUSC will only be eligible for registration refunds in the following situations:

Prior to the start of the Fall Season

 - Family is moving out of the BUSC playing area

- Player has sustained an injury that will prevent participation during the Fall  (if able to play in the spring a reduced registration fee will be required at that time)

- The team is unable to remain viable and BUSC cannot find an acceptable alternative for the player

During the Fall Season

 - Family is moving out of the BUSC playing area and the player is unable to complete the Fall Season

- Player has sustained an injury that will prevent participation for the remainder of the Fall and Spring Season 

After Conclusion of Fall Season

No refunds will be processed

CBAA Intramural Soccer

CBAA Soccer Club recognizes and appreciates the need to service its members by providing a vehicle to obtain refunds in the event members become engaged in a conflict that requires a refund request. The club shall consider reimbursing registration cost if the request is made prior to the start of the season or clinic and prior to teams being formed. Any registration and administrative service fees that are borne by the CBAA shall not be reimbursed. 

To qualify for a refund, the following criteria must be met. Requests must be made in writing to the program's office for consideration. The Request shall include the amount requested, reason for refund, the name of the player as well as the parent’s name and address for payment. Once received, the request shall be approved by the committee and president and forwarded to the treasurer for payment processing. Applicants should allow approximately 60 days for processing. 

Refund Policy for Camps, Clinics, and Programs

If a player withdraws prior to the start of a session, they will have the option for a credit or a refund, after an administrative fee has been subtracted. 

If a player withdraws after the session has started, they will have the option for a pro-rated credit, after an administrative fee has been subtracted. 

Withdraws made after half of the sessions have been completed will not be issued a credit or refund. 

For all CBAA/BUSC Programs: If all or part of a session is canceled due to unforeseen circumstances, force majeure, or government action, CBAA/BUSC will use its best efforts to provide individuals with an appropriate credit once expenses already incurred have been evaluated.