Travel Trainer Policy Procedure

Updated Wednesday February 24, 2016 by Soccer.

BUSC Trainer Policy




I)       Teams are required to enter into an agreement with an Approved Trainer or Training Company each Fall and Spring season.

a)      Trainer or Training Company must be approved by DOC & CBAA Soccer Board.

b)      Typically a trainer will work with the team for 1.5 hours each session, 8 sessions a season.

c)      Contracting with a Trainer for the winter is not required but encouraged.

II)     The minimum number of hours that are agreed upon (for example 8 sessions at 1.5 hours = 12 hours) are the number of hours the team will be required to pay the trainer during the season.  There will be no refunds and no make up sessions after each season is over. The trainer and team must be flexible in making up sessions during the season that are cancelled for reasons such as bad weather, field closures or other unforeseen circumstances.

III)    Trainer requirements:

a)      Trainer must sign the BUSC Trainer Agreement.

b)      All Trainers must complete the EPYSA Risk Management Registration each year, as well as all required background checks and show proof before any training begins.

c)      Trainer must complete the required concussion test and submit evidence of completion each year as required by EPYSA and BUSC.

IV)    Coach Requirements:

a)      Coach must submit a copy of the Trainer Agreement to BUSC Admin if the Trainer is not an employee of UK Elite or Total Soccer.

b)      Coach must coordinate with the Trainer and Admin in the event the Trainer has not completed the EPYSA Risk Assessment or Concussion Test.

--- This Trainer Agreement must be completed and signed ---