IM / Rec Guidelines

A Coach, Player, Parent & Referee Guide

Updated Thursday September 20, 2018 by Soccer Office.

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Mission Statement & Note to Members

The CBAA soccer program will cultivate each player’s mind, body and spirit by:

  • building, developing, and improving their skills and fitness levels

  • instilling confidence, initiative, emotional growth

  • embracing and nurturing a sense of community and teamwork

    At CBAA Soccer, we understand and share in your excitement. We are committed to not only helping kids reach their potential in playing soccer but even more importantly in our mission to build a positive youth sports culture in the Central Buck’s community that will help our kids develop positive character traits to last a lifetime. We can only achieve this goal when our parents and coaches are working together to foster this culture. We have prepared some tips that you can use to make this a truly fun and memorable season for your kids.

  • ✓  Fill your kid’s and their teammates’ “emotional tanks” through praise and positive recognition.

  • ✓  Don’t instruct your child during the game, please let the coaches coach.

  • ✓  Cheer good plays by both teams and good calls by an official.

  • ✓  Respect the decisions of an official’s call. If you disagree with the call, honor the game and be SILENT!

  • ✓  Don’t do anything in the heat of the moment that you will regret after the game.

  • ✓  Thank the officials for doing a difficult job and your coaches for their commitment and effort.

  • ✓  Be a good listener and a great encourager – players learn better when they seek their own answers.

  • ✓  Remember to have fun and enjoy the game.

    CBAA will continue to provide educational resources on good sportsmanship and fair play for parents, coaches and players during the course of our fall and spring seasons. Take the time to visit Soccer program’s Safety Conduct and Safety page on our CBAASPORTS.ORG website, where you can learn more about what it means to Honor the Game as well as our program to educate players, parents, and coaches on how to deal with concussions. The time we have to enjoy watching our kids learn how to play the great game of soccer is very short, but very special.

  • Please familiarize yourself with our soccer program guidelines.  This comprehensive document includes details of each age group and many aspects and player development initiatives.

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