Introduction of Age Group Head Coach Training Model

Updated Wednesday March 23, 2016 by Soccer.


Hello Everyone,

The reason I’m writing is to share with you some exciting news about the expansion of the Buckingham United professional staffing model for upcoming 2016-17 playing season.

Over the last couple years Buckingham has employed an Academy training model in our U9 and U10 programs.  The results of this program are remarkable and tangible.  Under this model, all teams at a certain age group train together with a consistent professional trainer.  The success of this program comes not from the fact that the teams train together, more important is that every player at the age group receive the benefits of high level, consistent coaching no matter what team they play on.

At Buckingham United, we feel it is time to take our professional training program to the next level in a manner that is consistent with the mission of both CBAA and Buckingham United.

Starting with the 2016-17 teams, all U9 through U14 teams will be overseen by an Age Group Head Coach.  The Age Group head coach will:

  • Be appointed by the Director of Coaching,
  • Oversee the player development of every player at the given age group,
  • Development and integrate an age group specific curriculum,
  • Train all teams at the age group,
  • Perform at least four game observations of every team at the age group in the fall and in the spring, and
  • Provide two written player evaluations, one in the fall, and one in the spring

For example, we are currently expecting to field four teams at the Boys U12 (2005) level next year.  In this case, Buckingham United will appoint one Age Group Head coach for the BU12 age group. This coach will be responsible for all four teams at the age group.

In discussing this new format with many people within the club, the following questions have come up.

Does this mean that all teams at an age group will train together?
Not necessarily.  The Age Group Head Coach will have the discretion to train teams individually, all teams together or  they may have the “A” and “B” team train together for a couple weeks and the “C” team train separately.  They might have “B” and “C” teams train together and the “A” team train separately.  The Age Group Head coach will have the ability to make changes to the training set up based on the developmentally appropriate environment.

What are the cost implications?
Since these teams are already paying for trainers, the only cost will be a minimal increase in cost to cover game observations.  Under the Age Group Head Coach model, teams will only pay the actual cost of training and game observations.

What does this mean for our volunteer/parent coach?
Very little.  The volunteer coach is still an essential role within this model.  They will work hand-in-hand with the Age Group Head Coach, to insure that training objectives are identified and provide overall direction in the day-to-day running of the team. We will still need the volunteer/parent coach to attend all practices and games.

Can my team still be considered to hire a paid coach?
Sure.  If, after tryouts, your team would like to consider hiring a full time coach, the club will meet with the team and consider it.

Why are we not doing this at the U15 age groups?
Since this is the first year of implementation of this new program, we believe that we need to focus only on a few age groups to start.

Below are the Age Group Head Coach assignments for the 2016-17 year. To find out more about these coaches, please click on their name or go to our website, and click on "Soccer", then "BUSC Travel Soccer", then "Coaching Staff" and finally pick the name you want out of the "Technical Directors/Trainers"
Girls U9 (2008 Birth Year) - Kevin Blokker
Girls U10 (2007) - Troy Czapor
Girls U11 (2006) - Bree Benedict
Girls U12 (2005) - Bree Benedict
Girls U13 (2004) - Troy Czapor
Girls U14 (2003) - Bree Benedict
Boys U9 (2008 Birth Year) - Sean Davies
Boys U10 (2007) - Michael Price
Boys U11 (2006) - Josh Isaacsohn
Boys U12 (2005) - Kevin Blokker
Boys U13 (2004) - Michael Price
Boys U14 (2003) - Josh Isaacsohn
Please feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions or comments.
Kevin Blokker
Director of Coaching,
Buckingham United Soccer Club
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