Code of Conduct

UpdatedWednesday June 29, 2016 byBasketball.

The following section reviews our Code of Conduct and Waiver, please read each carefully.


CBAA Basketball Code of Conduct CBAA strives to foster a fun atmosphere where player development and enjoyment takes precedent over winning. Good sportsmanship is required by all parents, spectators, coaches and players and failure to demonstrate that could result in suspension from one or more games for coaches, parents and players. We asked that you agree to observe the following rules at all times:

  1. Parents and other spectators should not give instructions to any players during the game; this is the coach’s responsibility and it can confuse players when they receive instructions outside of their coaches during the game.
  2. Parents, coaches, players and other spectators should refrain from any derogatory or offensive comments or actions to other players, coaches, referee’s, parents or other spectators. Only positive, encouraging comments should be used.
  3. Players, parents, spectators, and coaches may not argue or challenge referees. Coaches may ask for clarification, parents should refrain from speaking to or yelling out to referees.
  4. If parents have any issues with coaches (playing time, game strategy, etc…) the situation should not be addressed during a game. CBAA has an equal playing time policy for all of its Intramural Leagues.  As a result we encourage parents to talk with coaches before, or after practice or post game, in order to address any concerns. Emails and phone calls are additional alternatives. At all times this should be done in a respectful manner, remember coaches are volunteers. If satisfaction is not reached with your coach, please contact the appropriate league director rather then arguing with the coach.


I, as a parent or guardian of the above named minor, hereby give my approval to his or her participation in any and all of the activities of this program during the current season. I do further hereby release, absolve and hold harmless the Central Bucks Athletic Association, Inc., its officers, volunteers, and sponsors and the organizers, supervisors, or sponsors of any and all activities or programs in which he or she may participate in case of injury to my son or daughter. I hereby waive all claims against the organizers, sponsors or any of the supervisors appointed by them. I assume responsibility for all medical payments not covered by Central Bucks Athletic Association, Inc. insurance coverage.