Buckingham United Player Expectations

UpdatedTuesday October 11, 2016 bySoccer.

Buckingham United Soccer Club
Player Expectations

Playing travel soccer is a big commitment.  It also comes with a higher expectation during practice sessions and games.  As with all good habits, proper training habits are learned.

Please take a minute to review these with your son or daughter.  The trainers and coaches will review and reinforce these expectations throughout the team camps and during the first couple weeks of practices.

BUSC Player Expectations during training sessions.

1.     Be ready to start practice on time

      -     Arrive at the field ready to play, shin guards on, shoes tied

      -     Bring a soccer ball to every practice and make sure it is properly inflated

      -     Being late happens.  If you are late, then make sure you are ready to play when you get out of the car and then JOG over to the field, drop your bag off and JOG over to the closest coach and find out how to get involved.

2.     If you arrive early, or have extra time during practice, players should organize one of the following…

      -     a small sided game

      -     group juggling

      -     5 vs 2

      -     Shooting on goal is not an option

3.     During practice…

      -     We jog in and out of coaching intermissions

      -     We jog in and out of water breaks

      -     If we are done with water breaks early then we juggle or pass with a teammate

      -     When coaches are talking, soccer balls are on the ground and eyes are on the coach, no talking or whispering

      -     Players should work hard and have fun!

4.     After practice…

      -     We thank the coaches for the session, grab our gear (soccer ball, water bottle, backpack, etc) and we move off the training field for the next team.