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Open ID Clinics March 3rd, Tryout Dates Coming Soon...

Updated Wednesday February 7, 2018 by Bree Benedict.

Why attend ID Clinics?

ID Clinics are designed to give players an opportunity to experience a Pre-Tryout environment without the pressure of immediate selections. Our clinics will mimic the format of our tryouts and include mostly small sided games. The ID Clinics will showcase our #WeDoMore movement and its four core principles of Intensity, Development, Functionality, and Passion

These clinics will give Buckingham United players an opportunity to play with players outside of their team and the club in their age group. For players outside the organization, this is a great opportunity to learn more about our club, coaches, and become familiar with players that will be at tryouts. All players will benefit from meeting new coaches and trainers within their age group. 

While ID Clinics are designed to give coaches an opportunity to get an early evaluation of players both within and outside the club, coaches will provide on-field feedback and direction to players, so that players understand the criteria coaches will be looking for in their play at tryouts. 

All Buckingham United players and interested players from outside the club are encouraged to attend to best prepare for tryouts! 


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