Registration Now Open!!!

We are back in business...registration is now open

UpdatedSaturday November 7, 2020 byBasketball Office.

CBAA Winter Basketball Information:


Registration is now open for the Winter 2020-21 intramural basketball season.  The path to get to this point has taken a lot of work to be able to play and to keep the cost affordable.  The cost to participate in the 2020-21 intramural season will be $200.  This will cover the cost of the additional expense for gym time due to the extra resources and cleaning that needs to be performed as well as level of effort for the custodial staff to have gyms ready by Saturday morning and to reset the gyms for start of school for Monday. 

CBAA Basketball will prioritize players who played in the organization during the Winter 2019-20 season for registration purposes.  The organization is anticipating a high number of registrations and may have to cap registrations for several divisions.

As I am sure everyone can appreciate this season will be like no other and I ask everyone to consider the rules below before you register. 

Rules to follow for 2020-21 season:

  1.  No spectators are allowed in the gym.  I know this is not ideal, but in reality, this is the primary request from CBSD and the rule is in line with other school districts whom have opened gyms to their local youth sports organizations. 
  2. CBSD will allow 28 people into the gym.  This only includes 2 referees, 1 score keeper, 1 bookkeeper, 2 coaches per team and 10 players.  We are recommending that parents rotate in the scorekeeper and bookkeeper roles in order to be able to watch a game.
  3. Face masks must be worn by all participants upon entering and exiting the facility.  Players are only allowed to remove face mask once warms ups commence and coaches/score keepers, bookkeepers always have to wear face masks .
  4. Teams will not be allowed into the gyms until the previously scheduled game is over and teams departed the facility.  We will place a sign out front of the building/gyms to let you know when you can enter. 
  5. Every participant must complete the CBAA Basketball COVID Screening Questionnaire and present to the coach upon entry into the gym prior to the start of every game.
  6. No outside basketballs will be allowed into the facility.  If a player brings a basketball into the facility, they will be asked to remove the basketball from the facility.  CBAA will provide all game and warm up basketballs.
  7. Players are to bring their own water bottles and must not share.
  8. Hands must be sanitized prior to start of game and upon departure from the facility.  CBAA will provide hand sanitizer that will be located at the scorer’s table.

If you cannot comply with the rules above, then please do not sign up.  There is a ZERO TOLERANCE policy being applied by CBSD regarding the rules and one slip up could cost us the gyms.  So, please review the rules above and make sure you are willing to comply.  If a parent registers and for whatever reason is found to have not complied with our rules, then that participant will be removed from the league with no refund.

Intramural Basketball Season 2020-21 Composition:

We are planning on starting our season on Saturday, December 12th.  CBAA reserves the right to move the start date if we do not receive enough volunteers (i.e. league directors and coaches).  There is a lot that goes into getting teams formed, volunteers recruited with background checks submitted, and schedules set.  For the 2020-21 season, there will be no practices during the weeks as the CBSD gyms are not available to CBAA.  We will have 2 practices on weekends of December 12th and 19th.  The first game will be played on Saturday, January 9th.  Games will be on Saturday’s and Sunday’s throughout January, February and early March.  There will be an 8 game season with playoffs and championship weekend (with the exception of the 1st/2nd grade division who will get an extra game). 

CBAA will form teams based on request for grades 1st – 4th.  Grades 5th through High School will have drafts utilizing MS Teams.

Registration will be closing on Friday, December 6th.  Please note that due to limited gym space, we may have to cap certain divisions (i.e. Boys 5th/6th, Boys MS and Boys HS).  Additionally, we will have zero flexibility in making up lost games due to weather.  If we do lose games due to weather, we will do everything we can to try and make those games up.

Three main changes for the 2020-21 season. 

  • Current CBAA Travel Players will not be allowed to participate in the 2020-21 winter intramural season.
  • The Jr. Referee program will be suspended for this season and parents will be expected to volunteer for scorekeepers, bookkeepers and coaching positions.  CBAA will not be charging the non-participation fee this year due to this change.
  • Pictures – we are going to try and have pictures this year, but picture day may be held off until March with pictures more then likely taken out at the Herbst Sports Facility Basketball Courts.  We will not be allowed to use CBSD gyms for picture day.

Volunteers Needed!!!

Lastly, we need volunteers to sign up as league directors and coaches.  Last year I spend all of Thanksgiving week recruiting league directors and coaches.  Unfortunately, this year, time is not on our side and CBAA needs YOU to step in and volunteer.  If we do not receive enough volunteers, then we will consider canceling that division or forming less teams.  So, please do not take the position that someone else will step in…we need anyone who is willing to help. 

We have immediate needs for the following:

  • League Director Boys 1st – 2nd
  • League Director Boys 3rd-4th
  • League Director Boys 5th- 6th
  • League Director Girls 1st – 2nd
  • League Director Girls 3rd – 4th
  • League Director Girls 5th and 6th

We will also have a need for coaches at all grades.  Any volunteer who is participating with youth sports will need to submit their background clearances through

Lastly, we are actively recruiting a marketing director and website wizard for our program. If you are interested in these positions, then please reach out to me directly

Note:  League directors are responsible for forming teams and work with coaches on game schedules as well as working with the CBAA Basketball main scheduler for gyms and referees.

Winter Basketball Refund Policy

  • If the season is to abruptly end due to CBSD shutting schools due to COVID or for not complying with the rules, then we will offer a prorated refund to all participants.  The refund will be based on cost incurred to date, including administrative fees and cost for uniforms, gym time, referees etc.
  • Any parent or participant who is found not to be complying with the rules will be removed from the league and a refund will not be provided.