Health and Wellness for the Athlete and Coach

Talk Series!

UpdatedSunday May 19, 2019 byBecky Barlow.

We will be offering seasonal talks under our Health and Wellness Task Force Initiative.  We will kick it off with a timely topic of Hydration and Heat.  Parents, Players and Coaches are all encouraged to attend.

Wednesday, June 5th, Location is to be announced (CBSD School Library planned)

Health and Wellness Task Force Talk "Hydration and Heat"

Summer is a great time of the year to get out and play! However, you should be aware the practicing, playing, running, etc. in the heat can cause illness, and may even be deadly. Kate Easby, MS, LAT, ATC is an athletic trainer at the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia in the department of Orthopedics, Sport & Performance Center who will review heat related illness, and how best to prevent and treat them.  RSVP Here

Our other topics include:

Acute Management, Concussion and Return to School and Sports

Ideas include an update on concussion care from field side assessment to return to learn, sport, and life as well as prevention (not much on this other than rule changes). The recommendations for post-acute injury have changed quite a bit and this could be worthwhile for parents, coaches, and the community in general. 

Sprains and Strains

Prevention and management of sprains and strains, again from acute to return to sport as well as some discussion on what is ok to play through and when time off from soccer or seeking medical care is necessary.  

Holistic Athletic Development / Well-Rounded Athlete

Final idea is development of the well-rounded athlete or holistic athletic development.  This would cover things like developing strength, flexibility, endurance and power for overall athletic performance.