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Join the We Do More Movement!   We Are United!


Our Buckingham United Travel teams are in the process of finalizing rosters. If you are interested in hearing more or checking out our teams and what our club is all about, now is the time!  Specific age groups may have immediate openings.

Training sessions are a great way to learn about the playing demands of travel soccer without the pressure of immediate roster decisions.  The  training session aims to give the player an opportunity to meet the players, travel coaches and directors in their birth year.  It may also provide on-field feedback and direction.  Please email soccer@cbaasportsorg to attend a training session for your age group.

Winter Free Training Sessions

We strongly  encourage all interested players to take advantage of this opportunity over the winter months.

  • Is your player an Intramural Player?   
  • Do you wonder if it’s the right time to transition to Travel Soccer?  
  • We can answer all your questions.  Please find some helpful information below. 

Cost, Commitment & Culture 

The year-long soccer season for Travel Soccer officially begins in August and ends in July. There is a Winter break after the Fall season that may range between 3 to 6 weeks depending on the team.  There is usually a break after the Spring season lasting into July. Summer commitments depend on the team. 

  • All Teams have professional trainers twice a week. 
  • Team Leadership consists of parent volunteers who partner with the club office and soccer committee to ensure the success of your team 

How much does it cost to play at Buckingham United? 

Approximate total annual cost (August – July) is as low as $900 and upwards of $1,200 and includes the following: 

Annual Player Registration Fee - $299.99.  This is due upon your roster spot acceptance. 

Team Operating Budget Fees - Each team will create a budget that incorporates all team costs such as; referee & league fees, tournament registrations and trainer costs.  

  • Your 1st payment (of 3 installments) for Team Fees will be due on June 15th.   
  • These amounts could be adjusted based on your child's team fund-raising efforts. 
  • Annual Team Plans will be provided by your Team Leadership.  Annual Team Dues per player range from $700-$1100. 

Uniforms - All players are required to purchase the current Club approved Adidas uniform kit.  This kit will be in use for 2019-2021. 

FINANCIAL ASSISTANCE: Buckingham United Soccer Club (BUSC) will offer financial aid for BUSC Travel Soccer Fees, to the extent possible, to financially challenged youth and their families. If you are unable to afford the full cost of the BUSC Travel Soccer Fees, please complete the confidential application form located on the  website under Policies. 

Coaching and Training Staff information, click here

Coaching Expectations and Policies, click here 

Player Development information, click here.  Playing Time Policy, click here. 

Commitment to Culture for Soccer, click here. 


How are Buckingham teams are named? 
All Buckingham United first teams are called “Blue”, second teams “Green”, third teams “White”. 

For instance, if you have a  child that plays at the U14 age group (2006), here’s how the teams will be named. 

“Buckingham United Blue 2006”     (1st Team) 
“Buckingham United Green 2006”  (2nd Team) 
“Buckingham United White 2006”   (3rd Team) 

At Buckingham United we value the importance of training facilities as a mechanism for improving our players. Aside from lighted Hanusey Fields and our Herbst Sports Complex we have opened an indoor turf facility. Located in the heart of our community, the Buckingham United Soccer Indoor Facility serves as home to many of our programs. We are able to offer a venue to our teams to train in the winter, in inclement weather, and through club sponsored programs.  

Join the We Do More Movement today!  We have 47 years of experience in the Bucks County Community. 

Please reach out with any questions!