SSUPlay - Please Bear with us as our provider is experiencing system issues

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UpdatedTuesday September 24, 2019 byCBAASports.

SSUPlay Please Bear with us as our provider is experiencing issues

SSUPlay App Issues

Thank you for reporting your concerns regarding the SSU mobile app. We unfortunately experienced several issues this past weekend that may have caused your coaches trouble contacting their teams and locating their schedules. In order to restore functionality, at this time all feeds prior to the weekend of 9/7 have been removed. We are investigating restoring these, however the app is working, and any changes made this week will appear on the feed. Please note: We are investigating a known remaining issue on iOS, where specific feeds are still seeing the "There are no feed items available" message. We hope to have this resolved soon.

If you are unable to login, or you are not seeing your team, please try resetting your password as needed, or logout and back in to refresh the app. If you cannot find your team at all, please ensure that the team exists and was not deleted as part of the recent outage. Users have also reported needing to uninstall/reinstall the app entirely to fix this. Please let us know if you or your coaches are having continued issues with any particular features given the information above. We understand it is critical that your league can use the app right now, and are working very hard to resolve any remaining issues and ensure it's stability. 



Laura Laura from SportsSignUp Play

COMMUNICATION FROM SSUplay 9/2/19 - Thank you again for your patience as we’ve continued working through this situation. 

To recap, on 8/31 at 9am ET we experienced an Amazon Web Services (AWS) outage that affected work your league may have completed on the SportsSignUp platform at the end of last week.  

We continue working diligently with AWS to investigate the failure, and with our engineering teams to attempt to restore admin activity data input since 8/27/19.  Unfortunately, at this time, we do not have confidence that full backups of admin work from 8/27/19 - 8/31/19 will be recovered. 

This would have impacted any teams you may have created, rosters updated, game results and stats entered, and schedules updated. While registration data was impacted, we are working on a plan to rebuild that information and we will communicate next steps as quickly as possible.