Becky Barlow retires after 17 years of service

Thank You

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May 7, 2020


Dear Soccer Families and Friends,

Today, I announce my retirement as CBAA / Buckingham United Soccer President. This past March marked my 4th consecutive term (8 years) as president.  I have thoroughly enjoyed the past 17 years as a volunteer for Central Bucks Athletic Association and all of the sports programs within.  I began volunteering, like many parents in our organization as a general volunteer in March of 2003.  I joined the CBAA Executive Board in 2006 as a Director of Communications. I was assisting the Board in a variety of ways learning a lot about the inner workings of the various programs. In 2009, I took on the role of the Executive Board Secretary. I then became manager of my son’s travel soccer team in 2008.   I quickly became interested in becoming more involved with the soccer organization.  Ultimately, I accepted the role as Interim President of Soccer in 2012.  

As a mom of three children who have participated in basketball, lacrosse and soccer, it gave me a great opportunity to meet so many wonderful people in our community. My kids, now 21, 19 and 16, along with my husband Drew, have been participating and volunteering right by my side. CBAA was so impactful to my kids, that it actually helped form some powerful college essays that focused on community involvement, youth sports and mentoring.

Over the years my primary goal was to help the organization grow and prosper. We worked tirelessly with the CBAA Executive Board in many ways to improve our infrastructure and operations. I am very proud of the growth that we have achieved together

Highlights of our Major Accomplishments include:

  • Reintegration Initiative of CBAA Intramural, CBAA TOPSoccer (Adaptive Needs) and Buckingham United Travel Soccer Programs
  • Director of Coaching -Hiring our first professional Director of Coaching in 2011 (Ryan Hayward)
  • Soccer Office -Establishing a Virtual Soccer Office filled with valued key members who have been moms of our players. Truly, my Wing Women! J
  • In house Coaching Staff and Directors
  • New programming that grew and continues to thrive today!
  • U07 / U08 Academy (2011)
  • High School Readiness Training Program
  • Referee Program -educating and certifying over 1000 Soccer Referees (ages 14 through adult)
  • Lil’ Bucks program for 2-4 year old players
  • Junior Coaches Mentoring Program
  • Summer Pick up soccer night – chance for kids to just play
  • In House Camps
  • Adult Soccer

Major Partnership’s and initiatives

  • Phila Union Club (Founding youth club member)
  • United Soccer Coaches (Premier Members)
  • Adidas
  • com
  • CB School District Adopt a Field Agreement
  • Hanusey Park Lighted Sports Field Park Agreement
  • Sports Authority who donated $3000 a year in gift cards for our Financial Aid Families
  • Big Brothers, Big Sisters
  • Major Sponsorship Program
  • State of the Art Sports Fields -Completing a major renovations to the back fields at the Herbst Sports Complex that included irrigation, grading, new well, sod and professional Turf management as part of Phase 1 of 3 in the master plan.
  • Buckingham United Indoor Training and Meeting Center - Five year lease that includes turf area of 3600 square feet.

Over these years, it has been a whirlwind of work, activities and achievements both personally and on behalf of the organization. I was so honored to have won the Volunteer of the Year award from the Eastern Pennsylvania Youth Soccer Association in 2012. It is an accomplishment that I will treasure as it represents for me the acknowledgement of all of the hours spent on behalf of CBAA and the kids in our community. Just this past year, my good friend John Czapor received the “Coach of the Year Award”. I was able to attend the awards banquet with his entire family.  His award proves the special place that we have built here. 

As I have been reflecting over my final months as president, I can now say, I enjoyed volunteering at our tournaments, festivals, fundraising events and even Field Maintenance days, despite some obstacles and challenges along the way.  As a community, we always were able to pull together and overcome for the benefit of our kids. The memories that I will hold most dear, however, revolve around all of the smiles on the faces of our children and families. Our joint mission to serve our community through our youth sports programs is one that I will hold in the highest esteem.

I have a deep gratitude for so many who have so enriched my life during my time at CBAAI look forward to this new chapter in my life, which includes sending my youngest off to college soon.  My daughter has 2 more year playing Basketball and Soccer, so I am lucky to sit on the sidelines as her biggest fan, as well as continue to volunteer in many other ways. It’s both surreal and exciting for me to be moving out of my role as president.  My heart smiles to know that we were able to accomplish so much for kids in our community and continue a 47-year-old legacy that started as just a soccer team in Buckingham Township!

To the Community as a whole, thank you for providing me:

  • the opportunity to serve this amazing community;
  • lending an ear to work through challenges and new initiatives;
  • the many experiences that provided so many invaluable skills and life lessons;
  • for the many friendships myself and my family made along the way.

Thank you to:

  • all of your children for bringing a smile to my face every day and solidifying why I chose to help lead and serve;
  • our amazing Soccer Committee, both past and present members who have dedicated countless hours behind the scenes supporting our programs and members;
  • the virtual soccer office who gave me endless support both mentally and physically;
  • our coaches and team leadership volunteers;
  • our incredible Junior Coaches in our Mentoring program. True Rock Stars among their peers, coaches and most importantly the young aspiring players in our many soccer programs;
  • the Junior Board that we brought together to help the adults make decisions on their behalf;
  • the numerous parents and legacy members who willingly volunteered their time and talents;
  • our community partners that includes the Central Bucks School Board and AdministrationBuckinghamDoylestown and Plumstead Townships as well as Camp Curiosity and Penn Engineering Family Trust for giving our kids a place to play;
  • Our generous sponsors throughout the community;
  • Eastern Pennsylvania Youth Soccer Board and Office staff for their endless guidance, support and initiatives;
  • my friends for whom I took advantage and corralled them to help me when we couldn’t rally enough volunteers;
  • my incredible loving, supportive, flexible family who never complained about the amount of time and energy I spend away from them. Truth be told, they were the ones on the front lines of so many volunteer efforts and heavy lifting. #BarlowSquad, you are my rock!

We rely on the volunteer efforts of many of the stakeholders in our organization that includes our wonderful coaches, team leaders and parents.  Without the generous donation of everyone's time, talents and energy we could not function effectively. Our basketball, lacrosse and soccer program committees and board members spend countless hours on behalf of our organization and are such an integral part of our mutual success.

The unprecedented nature of the COVID-19 pandemic and its impact on our organization represents a seismic shift in the landscape that we operate in. This is a time that calls for new leadership and a thoughtful and creative response to our challenges.  We rely on our fundraising and sponsorship efforts led by our successful Bimbo MIC tournament to help us to balance the budget. If you are able to help in any way, this is the time!  Your kids and grandkids will be grateful. I look forward to the next generation of leaders at CBAA who will guide the organization.  Over the years, my primary goal was to help the organization grow and prosper. We worked tirelessly with the CBAA Executive Board in many ways to improve our infrastructure and operations. I am very proud of the growth that we have achieved together

Joe Shandlay, our CBAA Executive Board Vice President is leading the charge of day to day activities for all of our CBAA Sports programs. He can be reached at to answer any questions that you may have.

As there are many questions around the COVID-19 Recovery and Response Plan, the CBAA Board is meeting on a weekly basis.  The Board will be able to respond to any issues and questions that our membership and outside partners have including:

  • Safe Return to play initiatives and protocols
  • Bimbo MIC and Irish Skirmish Tournament refunds
  • CBAA IM Spring registration fee refunds (for those not able to participate in Fall)
  • CBAA IM Uniform order pick ups
  • Buckingham United 2020-21 Start up and transition to new season
  • Soccer program plans and budgets
  • Soccer Committee leadership plans
  • Fundraising and Volunteering opportunities

Warmest regards to all! Stay well and stay connected! 

Becky Barlow