CBAA/BUSC COVID-19 Health & Safety Plan

UpdatedFriday July 17, 2020 byChris Slack.

Attached is the CBAA / BUSC Soccer Return to Play Guidelines as outlined in the email communication sent to all soccer members. The complete Health and Safety Plan can be found below along with the waiver to be completed by each player.

Key highlights of the policy are:

Return to Play Stage 2

  • Play is limited to your currently registered players and coaches. This includes the 19-20 season and players who have registered with Buckingham United for 20-21. 
  • Players must complete the Communicable Disease Waiver and provide it to their team coach or manager before attending the first practice
  • Small group training- no more than 25 per field.  (Practice at Herbst only)
  • No competitions, i.e. league play or tournaments 
  • Carpooling not recommended. If carpooling is necessary, the same group should always travel together. 
  • Social distancing required 
  • Body contact is permitted 
  • Consider injury risk strategies as endurance, strength, and soccer skills come back into focus. 
  • Spectators not recommended at the field. 
  • Coaches must wear masks/face covering. Players must wear when not engaged in activity.


CBAA Soccer COVID-19 Health & Safety Plan_7.17.20.pdf
Communicable Disease Waiver_7.2020