1v1 Attacking (Pressure in Front)

UpdatedSaturday January 9, 2021 byJohn Adair.



  • Two teams. Both teams are facing an 8' x 8' box approximately 8 yards away.
  • All of the soccer balls start with one team. Each player on that team needs a soccer ball.



  • First blue player dribbles the ball into the box, stops it, and then must run beyond the designated midfield line before defending.
  • Once the ball is stopped, the attacker can immediately sprint to the ball and attempt to score in any of the three goals. The attacking player must enter the "end zone" before scoring.
  • Once that play is over, the next defender starts the next 1v1.
  • Each goal is 1 point. Rotate attackers and defenders every 60-90 seconds.



  • The wide goals (yellow and red) are worth one point. The central goal (green) is worth two points. 


Coaching Points:

  • Decelerate when approaching the defender
  • Change of direction and speed to seperate from the defender
  • "Close the door" to eliminate the defender