Cognitive Dribbling

UpdatedSaturday January 9, 2021 byJohn Adair.


  • 4 teams of 3-4 players inside a grid or center circle.
  • 4 each of different color cones along the outside of the area.
  • Coach also has one of each color cone in his/her hand.
  • Every player has a ball.



  • Players begin by dribbling freely in the area.
  • When coach holds up a cone (blue), must race to try to get their team together with their soccer ball under control at a cone of the same color. 
  • Only one team can be at each cone.



  • Players try to switch soccer balls with players on different teams without stopping until coach holds up a cone.
  • Players perform an "L" turn or "V" after each time they switch soccer balls with someone.
  • Players can not switch soccer balls with the same team twice in a row, even if it is a different person. For instance, if a player on the blue team switches with a player on the orange team, he/she must then switch with a player on the white or pink team before switching with another player on the orange team.


Coaching Points:

  • Awareness
  • Communication
  • Technical: Dribbling