Forward Passing & Receiving

UpdatedSaturday January 9, 2021 byJohn Adair.



  • 3 teams of 4-5 players. One ender on opposite ends. 2-3 players per team in the grid.
  • Mannequins staggered inside the grid.
  • Extra soccer balls on both sides of the grid.



  • Teams pass from ender to ender, using the other teams and mannequins as passive pressure.
  • Players in the middle have two touches to play forward but only one touch to play backwards.



  • Add defenders into the grid, even if it means removing one team. Be sure to rotate defenders if that is necessary.


Coaching Points:

  • Body shape to play forward
  • Scanning
  • Vertical & Diagonal passes
  • Weight of the pass (forward pass vs. lay-off)