2v1 in the Half Spaces

UpdatedSaturday January 9, 2021 byJohn Adair.



  • Two teams. Four groups plus a GK. One attacking and one defending line in both left and right half spaces.
  • One mini goal at the top of each half space.
  • Coach/server and soccer balls in between the two mini goals.
  • Two attacking (blue) lines per group. One defending (white) line per group.
  • Defender is "locked" in a zone (up to the yellow line)



  • Coach/server plays a ball to the more advanced of the two attacking players.
  • Players play 2v1 to goal with the half space being the boundary until the ball enters the penalty area. Once the ball enters the penalty area, there are no restrictions. 
  • The top of the penalty area serves as the offside line.
  • If the defender wins possession, the attacker can score on their mini goal.
  • Every goal is one point. Keep score and rotate attackers and defenders after a certain number of repetitions or time.


Coaching Points:

  • Runs in behind
  • Eye contact
  • Weight of the pass
  • Timing of the pass
  • Angle of the pass