Buckingham United Parent Expectations

UpdatedTuesday August 10, 2021 byJohn Adair.

Training Expectations:

  • Please update your child’s attendance in the SSUPlay at least two hours prior to training.
  • Players should arrive in their training jersey (gray) and navy or black shorts and socks for each training session. If you are still waiting for your training jersey to arrive from, please wear a gray shirt until then.
  • Parents are to let the coaches coach. Please do not give instructions to players from the sideline if you are in attendance.
  • Parents should be supportive and recognize the value and importance of our volunteers and coaching staff.


Game Day Expectations:

  • Please update your child’s attendance at least one day prior to each game.
  • Notify the coaching staff if anything changes and your player will not be in attendance as early as possible.
  • Parents are to cheer and ONLY cheer on the sidelines. Players are constantly making decisions and trying to apply what they are learning in training. Providing more information will only make things more difficult on the player.
  • Parents are to maintain a positive attitude, regardless of performance or result.
  • Parents are not to make any comments about players, coaches, or parents from the opposing team.
  • Parents are not to question referee decisions. These referees are learning and improving just like the players. Allow them to do so in a pressure-free environment.