Basketball - COVID Policy and Guidelines

Winter Basketball COVID Policy and Guidelines

UpdatedSaturday January 9, 2021 byChris Slack.

Attached is the CBAA Winter Basketball return to play COVID policy and guidelines. 

Key highlights of the policy are:

  1. If a player or anyone in the players household is sick or experiencing COVID related symptoms then do not come to the game.
  2. Every coach, player, referee, and/or volunteer must complete the COVID questionnaire before every game and provide results to volunteer at check in.  We recommend that all everyone complete the questionnaire prior to arrival at the courts.  Please note a temperature is required for entry in order to complete the questionnaire.  Results are good for 12 hours.  If a player arrives late they will not be allowed on to the courts until half time.
  3. Coaches must wear face masks when social distance of 6ft cannot be achieved when having a discussion with a referee.  
  4. Players are not to bring basketballs to the games.  CBAA will provide all basketballs for warm ups and games. (exceptions for practices and skills/drills)
  5. Please do not enter the gym until your scheduled time.  Please have players maintain social distancing as best as possible before, during (while on bench) and after the game.
  6. We are encouraging spectators to wear face masks while watching the game.
  7. Only coaches, players, referees and scorekeepers will be allowed inside of  the CBSD gyms.  
  8. Please make sure the players have clearly marked water for their games.  Water bottles are not to be shared.
  9. Please report to Chris Slack ( if a player or spectator has been around anyone who is presumptive COVID positive or has tested positive for COVID after attending a game.
  10. Please do not congregate outside of the pre-designated entrance and exit points.
  11. Face masks must be worn by all participants, coaches, volunteers and referees.  The only time a player is not required to wear a face mask is if a medical excuse has been provided to the head of CBAA Basketball.

Bucks Co Community Basketball COVID HSE Winter Guidelines Final v2.pdf